I work almost exclusively with porcelain clay and throw most of my work on the wheel . I use my watercolour paintings in some of my work and fire them on as decals. I also paint directly onto my pots using ceramic oxides and stains as a paint substitute, I think these work particularly well with city skylines.. My interest in ceramics started when I left school. After seeing some inspiring work on my travels, particularly in Japan I took up pottery classes and attained an internship at the Leach Pottery in St. Ives, Cornwall. Subsequently I lived in Ireland and completed the prestigious two year DCCOI Ceramics Skills Course there and was able to develop my watercolours in combination with production pottery in the remote Irish countryside. Since leaving Ireland I have worked in three open access studios  in Britain, The Clay Loft in Nailsworth, The Kiln Rooms in London and Brickworks in Penryn,where I have been experimenting and developing my work amongst some inspiring up and coming potters. I have since completed a YAIR residency at Guldagergaard international ceramics centre in Denmark where I have been experimenting with slips on stoneware and soda wood firing. I have exhibited in Prema Arts Centre in Gloucestershire. and at the Leach Pottery in St Ives.

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